Which option should I choose?

If you've received your NetID but have not yet set your password, choose "New to F&M." If you forgot your password, choose "Forgot password." If you know your password, choose "Change password" to change it.

I receive an error message saying I'm not enrolled in F&M Password Management when I try to reset my password. What should I do?

Current F&M students and employees with a US mobile phone number are automatically enrolled. If F&M does not have your mobile number, you will not be enrolled. If you're not enrolled but you know your password, choose "Change password." Otherwise contact the ITS Help Desk at 717-358-6789.

How can I enter my mobile phone number?

You can check, change, or add your mobile number by following instructions in our Technology Guideline at ​go.fandm.edu/passwordtips​. Your mobile number must be a US phone number for it to work with F&M Password Management. You will be automatically enrolled within 24 hours of entering your number.

Can I continue working immediately after resetting my password?

Many services will be usable immediately after changing your password but it may take up to 15 minutes before your new password works with all services.

How do I close this FAQ?

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